Vaastu for Home - Hello Homes

Vaastu is a set of principles that helps home owners lead a happy and peaceful life in their abode. The doctrine of Vaastu is related to architecture and the designs are based on directional arrangements. Vaastu guidelines can be applied during the construction of homes, offices, temples and other buildings and help bring about positive energy and general well-being for the home owner. As such, it is important to keep in mind few tips while searching for or building your ideal house.

General Tips:

The entrance to the house should be towards the east as it is considered an auspicious direction. The entrance should also be well-kept and nicely decorated

The north direction signifies prosperity, as such this part of the house should not be blocked in any way

Make sure to never grow a Cactus plant in the house

Hinges on doors should work smoothly and should not make noise

If the house has a slope, it should be from south to north or from west to east only

Avoid putting up paintings or pictures that depict violence or sorrow


The master bedroom in the house should always be in the south-west direction and not in the north

One should always sleep with their head towards the south

Make sure the bed is not placed directly below a beam

Bedrooms should be absolutely clutter free, especially the area around where you place your head while sleeping


The kitchen should be located in the southeast corner of the house. Northwest corner is also an ideal location for a kitchen

All cooking should be done while facing east or north

South, west, southeast and northwest are the ideal locations to place the refrigerator

Kitchen appliances such as mixers, juicers, microwaves and toasters should be kept in the southeast corner

Make sure the kitchen is equipped for good and adequate cross-ventilation


Bathrooms should be constructed in the north-west direction

Make sure the bathroom has sufficient ventilation and natural lighting

Sanitary and bath fittings must be of good quality and should work smoothly over the years. If broken, they should be fixed immediately

Always keep the bath and toilet areas neat and clean

Children’s Room:

Children’s rooms should be constructed in the northwest corner of the house

Avoid sticking furniture to the wall as it blocks the flow of positive energy

The colour scheme in a kid’s room should be mild yet cheerful

The study table should be placed in a way so that the child faces the east, north or north eastern corner of the room. The computer should be kept in the southwest corner

Living Room:

The living room should always be in the north direction

Air-conditioners should be placed in the west and avoided being put in the southeast direction

The chairs of dining tables must be even-numbered

The south and west corners of the room are ideal for keeping furniture