Social Initiatives - Hello Homes



PREACH BEFORE YOU TEACH, a motto Hello homes believes in!!

Hello Homes believes that good deeds begin at home,

and in order to demonstrate this and make the world a better place, we have planted a number of saplings in our space for the benefit of our environment.While touring the Hello Homes official location, one

thing that stands out and can be seen everywhere is our collection of small an d exquisite indoor plants.

These lovely indoor plants are helpful to everyone. For example, when a customer walks into the workplace, the rack of plants gives them a sense of home and a lively environment. They also assist our dedicated staff have refreshing days because the regular oxygen circulation keeps them energized and uplifted.

When we discuss the advantages and facts of indoor plants in relation to the entire globe, we can say things like:

         Decrease stress levels

         Sharpen your focus

         Show to be therapeutic

         Enhance productivity

         Air cleansing qualities

         Pollution reduction

The list goes on and on.


We don't only preserve these lovely plants for décor; we take great care of them. The plants are watered on a regular basis, fertilized on occasion, receive the right and needed quantity of sunshine, and are well-organized with enough spacing between them for optimal growth and development.

To summarize, Hello Homes promotes a green environment for the development of society; nevertheless, we have only been able to achieve a little amount in our immediate area; we hope and aim to spread it as much as feasible.